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Mindfulness and Anxiety

Even before the pandemic the World Health Organisation estimated that anxiety would be the number one illness in the world by 2025. Undoubtedly, that date has been brought forward by all the stresses of the past 17 months.

So, how can Mindfulness help?

By becoming more aware of the present moment we can enjoy the world around us more and understand our thoughts and resultant emotions better.

When we become more aware of the present moment, we begin to experience things at a greater depth, that previously we may have been taking for granted.

The key thing is to not allow ourselves become entangled in the thought stream. Anxious thoughts (or any thoughts for that matter) arise. Our only job is to notice them, to stand back from them and notice that we are not our thoughts, they operate all on their own.

Mindfulness gives us the tools to step into the present moment, one thought at a time. One anxious thought won't do much harm, it's when we dwell on them excessively that they become problematic.

Awareness from Mindfulness practice also helps us notice signs of stress or anxiety earlier and then helps us deal with them better.

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