These are bespoke courses based on the unique requirements of each individual organisation. 

Courses delivered live Online or Onsite.

The demands of modern life mean that people in general are living at a level of stress previously unseen. Substantial research has been carried out into the efficacy of Mindfulness at Work programs and the findings are that stress and anxiety decrease, health levels and employee well-being increases, workplace communication and relationships improve, leading to a happier working life, which in turn helps increase employee engagement. 

Mindfulness at Work Courses


With at least one third of the average persons day being spent in the workplace it's of vital importance that all company personnel experience a workplace that allows a sense of well-being and also personal and professional fulfillment in the workplace. Stress is one of the many factors that prevent this being achieved. Mindfulness training teaches us how to reduce our stress while increasing our physical, mental and emotional well-being. A by-product of Mindfulness at Work training is that interpersonal skills improve, as research has shown that the empathy centre in the brain enlarges thus aiding workplace relationships. Mindfulness research has consistently delivered results in many workplaces including UK parliament, Google, Harvard Leadership Programme and London Transport.


Looking at the life of the modern employee we usually see that their stress levels are at an all time high. Nowadays people are juggling long commutes, high mortgages, childcare commitments, aging parents, family commitments alongside attemping to perform well in the workplace. It's of no suprise that the modern employee is overwhelmed leading to many negative emotional states, ranging from stress, worry, anxiety, depression and sometimes total burnout. Mindfulness training provides us with the tools to learn how to reduce and manage these stresses.


Why this course is different


As the field of Mindfulness matures it is now recognised that when the tools of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Positive Psychology are offered as part of a total Mindfulness package that the results from those trainings are far greater than when Mindfulness training is offered as a standalone package. The reason for this is very simple. Everybody alive has built up negative memories and negative thought patterns through the course of their life. They then attempt to practice Mindfulness, however these thoughts have become lodged in the mind through repetition, perhaps on a daily basis. CBT and Positive Psychology help change those negative thinking patterns, leaving an uncluttered mind, with freedom to practice and enjoy all the benefits of Mindfulness.


What are the benefits of our Corporate Mindfulness Courses ?


Mindfulness offers the following benefits in the workplace :


  • A decrease in the  levels of stress, worry and anxiety.

  • Increased physical, emotional and mental well-being.

  • More harmonious relationships in the workplace.

  • Improved decision-making abilities.

  • Better organisational communication.

  • Increased attention levels.

  • Improved levels of health.

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Deeper levels of focus.

  • Decreases burn-out.

  • Lowers reactivity.

  • Improved emotional well-being.

  • Increased job satisfaction.

  • Increased levels of employee engagement.



Course Overview


Our Mindfulness at Work training courses are experiential in nature. They incorporate Mindfulness, CBT and Positive Psychology, an integrated approach which offers superior results, in line with contemporary Mindfulnes research. Additionally, our Mindfulness courses are a blend of MBSR and MBCT, which again reflects the latest developments in the field of Mindfulness and Psychology.



Who should attend?


This course is suitable for all staff members and has been delivered in many contexts. It is suitable for any member of staff who wishes to achieve greater well-being in the workplace. It should be noted that Mindfulness at Work training will also provide attendees with Mindfulness tools that will be beneficial to all areas of their lives.


Course Content


  • A brief history of Mindfulness.

  • Research findings from Neuroscience on the benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace.

  • What is Mindfulness?

  • Practical tools to integrate Mindfulness into everyday life, immediately.

  • Mindfulness exercises.

  • Mindfulness and Positive Psychology in the Workplace

  • The connection between thoughts and feelings, and how to control and alter your feelings.

  • Mindful communication.

  • Flow - the Psychology of Happiness and it's importance in the workplace.

  • Unhelpful Thinking Patterns and how to change them (CBT.)

  • Mindfulness Meditation practices.



Course Structure:


We offer bespoke training to suit individual organisations. Examples are half-day, full-day or weekly online training sessions.


Additionally, we provide off-site or in-house depending on the individual requirements of each organisation. The initial course is of one day duration with the option of running subsequent courses if so desired. Please contact us on 01 637 3934 for more information.



Corporate Clients include:


Bank of Ireland, Garda Siochana, HSE, Prudential Insurance, Phonovation, Soncia, New Ireland Insurance, Bank of Ireland, NHS, Fingal County Council and various Software organisations.