This 8 Week Online course consists of Mindfulness and Meditation practices and is designed for beginners and those who have already begun a Mindfulness practice. The reason why it is suitable for both groups of people is that it is a unique course, designed by Carmel Farnan (founder of the Irish Mindfulness Academy) who has based this course on her combined learnings of Mindfulness in the USA and UK. Carmel holds a BSC (Hons) Psychology degree and is a Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher and International Mindfulness Trainer. She has brought the latest Mindfulness research to this course. This research states that when learnings from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Positive Psychology are introduced alongside Mindfulness teachings then existing problematic thinking styles such as anxiety, stress, worry and sometimes even depression can be reduced and at best eliminated. A mind freed of these problematic thinking styles then has the capacity to experience deeper levels of Mindfulness, happiness and wellbeing.


Course Overview


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for those who wish to increase their well-being and happiness, reduce stress, worry, anxiety and depression and learn better ways of thinking. Because of the unique content of this course it is suitable for beginners or those who have already practiced Mindfulness. All teachings on this course are based on the latest research from the University of Massachusetts and also from Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Overview of Course Content 

  • What is Mindfulness?

  • Applied Mindfulness - How to integrate Mindfulness practice into everyday life.

  • The benefits of Mindfulness, as illustrated by Neuroscience research.

  • The Autopilot of the brain - when it helps and when it hinders.

  • Gratitude and its role in Mindfulness.

  • Automatic Mindfulness through Flow - The Psychology of Happiness.

  • How to take charge of your thinking on a moment by moment basis.

  • Mindfulness exercises to deepen Mindfulness experience.

  • Managing Stress through Choice - Tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - Harvard University.

  • How our Minds actually work - necessary knowledge for sustained happiness and well-being in life.

  • Making Happiness a Habit - research based techniques from the field of Positive Psychology.

  • How to help free the mind from past negative experiences - Positive Psychology.

  • How to establish and maintain your Mindfulness practice.

  • Actual experience of Mindfulness Meditations.

 There is no requirement to be online at any particular time during the week.


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You can now buy a voucher for the 8 Week Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Course

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