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Mindfulness for Professionals (6-Week Online Course) 

  1. Upskill* on additional tools for therapeutic intervention in order to deliver greater benefits and skills to your clients and patients.
  2. Learn powerful scientifically-proven mindfulness techniques to help prevent work-related burnout and compassion fatigue.
  3. Apply learning to improve focus and performance and encourage enhanced empathy and collaboration in the workplace.

  4. This additional therapy to offer to new or existing patients/clients, adds value to your professional practice!

*Please note that this course does not qualify you as a Mindfulness Teacher, it is an add-on to your existing qualification.

Mindfulness Trainer taking client notes
Designed for Professionals who want to:
Why choose THIS Course?

This course has been designed by Professionals for Professionals and offers a unique blend of evidence-based tools and science from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).  It answers the question "What is Mindfulness?", in it's truest essence. These elements are taught in the context of proven principles and combined with skills taken from the disciplines of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology.​

For more information on the Course Creator and Founder of Irish Mindfulness Academy, Carmel Farnan click on Meet the Team.


Positive Psychology

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Professional and Personal Benefits
  • Professional Certification

  • CPD hours

  • Reduced stress, increased happiness levels, increased positivity, greater sense of well-being and decreased levels in professional burnout.

  • Enhanced concentration and memory

  • On-going support from Community of practitioners

I found this course to be very thorough and would recommend it to any professional as an essential tool to have. The implications of its use are boundless in any mental health profession.

 Miriam Murphy, Psychologist

For additional testimonials, click here 

Who is eligible to take this course?
  • Mental Health Professionals (Public and Private)

  • Healthcare Professionals 

  • Psychotherapists and Counsellors

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Human Resource Personnel

  • Care Workers

  • Prison Staff

  • Educational Professionals (Primary, Secondary and Third Level)

  • Employees in other high stress work environments 

How Mindfulness reduces Blood Pressure
Course Overview 

The self-paced curriculum includes:​

  • Science-based lessons and hand-on practical exercises

  • Reading assignments

  • Written Exercises

  • Videos for e-learning

  • Journalling instructions and templates

  • Meditations:  How-to instructions and Sound Cloud audio files

  • Self-assessment tools/online survey and reports

  • Opportunities for 1:1 support from tutors

Mindfulness Course Content
Course Requirements

  • The course consists of 6 weekly modules delivered sequentially each Wednesday, in an online format for self-paced learning. There is no requirement to be online at any particular time. Contribution to the course online discussion forum is also at a time of your choice.

  • Course delivery will comprise of differing media formats to provide a more engaging and personal experience. You will need access to a PC, iMac or MacBook or windows based tablet to engage with the course content - only basic computing skills are required and support can be provided if necessary. 

  • In order to support participants there will be opportunities for 1-1 online interactions with course tutors for the duration of the course.

  • To enhance your learning about Mindfulness, in weeks 1, 3 and 5 you will be required to participate in the online discussion board, which will focus on a particular area of Mindfulness. A commitment to shared learning and appreciation of Mindfulness in an online environment is a key element of this course.

  • In weeks 2, 4 and 6 you will be asked to reflect on your progress through the course, during each of these weeks you will be required to submit a short online reflective account (maximum of 300 words) on how Mindfulness is influencing you on a personal and professional level.

  • Approximately thirty minutes per day of Formal Mindfulness practice on 6 out of 7 days.

  • A commitment to Informal Mindfulness practice throughout the day.

  • Approximately 3 hours of online learning each week.

  • Each weeks course material is released each Wednesday at 9 am. You have one full week to complete each week's course material. There is no requirement to be online at any particular time during the week.

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Course Fees (All inclusive)
  • Professional Certification​ (Please note: successful completion of the course and issue of a certificate will be dependent upon active participation in the discussion forums and submission of the reflective assignments as stated above.)

  • Sound Cloud (audio) files for ongoing mindfulness meditation practices

  • Comprehensive materials, templates and exercises used during course yours to keep

  • Post-course you have lifetime access to updated key course material via our online course archive.

  • Daily interaction, if desired, with our Psychologist tutors via the online discussion forum.

  • Upon course completion you can opt to join our private Facebook group to connect with like-minded professionals, who have completed this course. Membership of this group also provides access to latest relevant research from Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.

  • Post course completion we can help with any queries that may arise in relation to using Mindfulness in your professional setting.

Course Booking ... Register Now

Commencing 29th May 2024 - Early Bird Price €299. Full Course fee €349. Weekly class material will be made available on 6 consecutive Wednesdays and remains accessible 24/7.

Payments processed securely through PayPal, which also accepts credit or debit card.

* Please ensure that you are aware of the Terms and Conditions when booking a course with the Irish Mindfulness Academy   

Payments processed securely through Stripe, using credit or debit card.

* Please ensure that you are aware of the Terms and Conditions when booking a course with the Irish Mindfulness Academy   

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