5 Benefits of Mindfulness

I hope this article encourages you to begin or continue your Mindfulness practice. Although Mindfulness has been around for thousands of years it's benefits can now be further extolled due to the growing body of scientific research to support its benefits. I can genuinely say from personal experience that Mindfulness practice has deeply enriched my life, and I’m confident it will do the same for yours.

5 Benefits of Mindfulness:

1) Mindfulness helps you to be fully present, partaking in your life:

Often, many people can end up missing large parts of their lives through over-thinking. They are existing in a thought world, living in their heads instead of being fully involved in whatever it is they are doing. Check yourself at regular intervals today and see if your head is actually in the same place as your body is. They are meant to be! How can anything you are doing be good or fully enjoyable if you are not 100% in it? If you are enjoying anything at all in life, just think how much better it will be when more of you is involved in it. To do what you are doing in a mindful way simply switch all of your attention to what you are doing. Your mind will wander off for sure, but that’s fine, just notice it, without judgment, and then switch your attention back once more to the task at hand. Each time you practice Mindfulness it gets easier and easier.

2) Mindfulness frees you out from past upsets:

Now here’s a great reason to practice Mindfulness. It seems as part of our journey through life that we all have situations or events that we would have preferred didn’t happen, or that we may have liked to have a different outcome. Much of our today can be spent ruminating over these past events. Because we can’t think two thoughts at once, the practice of Mindfulness is excellent at freeing us out of these negative past events. Mindfulness simply means being in the present moment, so if we are consciously in the present moment our thoughts can’t be in the past as well, reliving those past hurts over and over again.

3) Mindfulness prevents you worrying about the future:

In a similar way we can lose a lot of today by worrying about the future. However, it’s estimated that 90% of what we worry about never happens. What a waste of today! So again check in regularly throughout today and see where your mind has wandered off to. Then simply practice Mindfulness by gently, without judgment bringing your mind back to where it is meant to be – i.e. fully involved in whatever you are doing in the present moment.

4) Mindfulness restores your energy:

Have you ever noticed how worn out you become when your thoughts dwell on a situation? It can be something remembered from the past, or in your current life or imagined in the future. While some degree of thought is necessary for problem solving, excessive thinking is problematic, tires your mind and therefore reduces your mental functioning capacity. Once you practice Mindfulness your level of thinking reduces and your energy increases, thus facilitating a clear mind, the perfect tool for decision-making.

5) Mindfulness makes you happier:

Within humanistic psychology it is well-documented that we have an inner part that is happy and stress-free, just like a child. However, thoughts come along and weigh down heavily on that part, thus suppressing it. Happiness is innate not learned, so to access this happiness and relaxation inside you simply have to reduce the amount of negative or stressful thinking. Here again Mindfulness shows us the way, as when we are experiencing the present moment we are not paying attention to unwanted, negative thoughts, and suddenly our true happiness and relaxation which was obscured under thoughts can make a very welcome re-appearance.

So don’t delay, begin your Mindfulness practice today and start enjoying its many benefits - guaranteed!.

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