Why Practice Mindfulness?

A question we are often asked on our Mindfulness courses is “Why should I bother practicing mindfulness?” There is one answer to this that is fully supported by research : "Inside each of us is a source energy, or core being which is normally covered over by our habitual ways of thinking, by our worries stresses etc. Mindfulness practice redirects our minds to the present moment. This then automatically reduces the number of negative thoughts we have each day, and those thoughts then die off through a lack of attention. Once these negative thoughts die off we are once again able to connect with this source energy inside us. Then you experience your own innate happiness. And that’s the very r

Mindfulness and Medicine

Here’s a very interesting article about how Doctors who are trained in Mindfulness have great impact on their patients…..

Mindfulness and How Our Minds Work

One reason why people find it difficult to practice Mindfulness and stay in the present moment is that they don’t understand that their thinking changes in a low mood. It's important never to believe your own thoughts when you are in a low mood otherwise you will frighten yourself with your own negative thinking/imagination. Watch how when the low mood passes your thinking suddenly becomes better. You will come to understand that thoughts are not real if they can change with your mood. To quote Shakespeare “There’s nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so”.

5 Benefits of Mindfulness

I hope this article encourages you to begin or continue your Mindfulness practice. Although Mindfulness has been around for thousands of years it's benefits can now be further extolled due to the growing body of scientific research to support its benefits. I can genuinely say from personal experience that Mindfulness practice has deeply enriched my life, and I’m confident it will do the same for yours. 5 Benefits of Mindfulness: 1) Mindfulness helps you to be fully present, partaking in your life: Often, many people can end up missing large parts of their lives through over-thinking. They are existing in a thought world, living in their heads instead of being fully involved in whatever it is

Mindfulness Practice

The good news is that none of us have to learn Mindfulness from scratch, in fact as children we were all experts at Mindfulness. In childhood it was our natural state to live in the present moment. What Mindfulness does is allow us uncover that natural state again. In Psychology Carl Roger's refers to it as our core being. On days when your mood isn’t too good that natural state (the real you) is covered over by a heavy layer of thoughts. Other times when your mood is better this core being is only covered over by a lighter layer of thought. Mindfulness practice allows us to disengage from these heavier layers of thought and be fully alive in the present moment. When this happens you are exp

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